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The Clovelly Scull


Length:   5.36m (17' 7")
Beam overall:   1.03m (3' 5")
Beam waterline:   0.80m (2' 8")
Weight (boat only):  ± 39 kg
Weight (rigger):        ± 5 kg


Boat:     Lightweight epoxy/glass composite
Rigger:   Epoxy/glass.   

Equipped with:

Fixed seat
Epoxy/glass sliding rigger
Retractable/adjustable skeg
Stowage under foredeck
Bi-pod with forward view mirror and mount for small GPS  (optional).


The 'Clovelly' is a sporty, classically styled fully decked single scull designed for rowing on open water. Safety and handling on the open sea have been major considerations in its development.

The 'Clovelly' is stable and not dependent on the blades to maintain balance. It will lie beam on to cresting waves with the rower sitting rigidly on the fixed seat with the blades stowed along the deck. It is fully decked with a narrow foot well which will drain most of any water collecting in it by the natural pitching of the boat or a firm thrust on the oars. 

Years of regular use have confirmed that the sliding rigger is greatly superior to the sliding seat for sea rowing. With the fixed seat on a choppy sea one feels much more part of the boat than with a sliding seat. This greatly adds to the stability factor. The sliding rigger can be easily removed to facilitate transport and storage.  Apart from being set slightly higher to clear wave tops the rig set-up is basically similar to that of a normal fine scull.

From an easily reached position just in front of the seat, the pivoted skeg can be adjusted for optimal directional trim and handling. It can be fully retracted for landing, transporting and storage.

Although the 'Clovelly' was designed with the more serious rower in mind for rowing in challenging sea conditions, its stability and handling qualities make it ideal for beginner training and for the more laid back recreational rower.